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Putting Safety First 

Our goal is to provide a place where camper health and safety are our highest priority. Where each camper can have fun adventures, build new friendships, and grow closer to God. 


Camp Safety Starts at Home

Camp health and safety begins at home. First, we encourage everyone coming to camp to make sure you and all your campers are well rested before arriving. You’ll be doing a lot that requires energy and it’s best to have some energy reserves stored up. 

Staying hydrated is another very important element to a camper’s enjoyment during their stay. We encourage everyone to drink plenty of water throughout each day and to start your hydration process in advance at home, so your body has hydration in store. 

For families sending first-time campers, we encourage preparing your child for camp as your child will be away from home and surrounded by new people, new activities, and a new environment. 

Talk to them about new experiences they will have, and fantastic new friends they will make, to help ease any nervous anticipation they might be experiencing and encourage them to look forward to their wonderful adventure. 


Our #1 Priority... 

We are committed to the safety of all campers. Our comprehensive safety plan covers staff screening, abuse prevention, weather safety, medical care, and activity safety. Our goal is for every parent to feel confident with their child spending a fun and SAFE week at camp! 


Our biggest priority is always the safety of every camper and staff member. Through 24-hour on-site medical care, extensive staff training, comprehensive weather monitoring, and an exhaustive abuse prevention strategy, Hoblitzelle is well-equipped to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone on property. 

Zero Tolerance 

At Camp Hoblitzelle we have a thorough Child Protection Plan in place to provide the safest environment possible.  We weave abuse prevention, and safe community building into our entire camp environment, through training, monitoring, and feedback systems. Our entire staff undergoes extensive state-approved training on the rules and procedures we have in place to prevent any type of abuse. Everyone must pass a test on these prevention concepts. 

Safe and Sound 

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Atmosphere of Fun


Our team is trained staff to recognize inclement weather situations and to protect our campers and staff. We are constantly monitoring the weather, and we can notify all Hoblitzelle staff of the need to take shelter, move to higher ground, or any other high priority need that may arise. 


Comprehensive staff training and regular multi-state government equipment inspections. 


Our Staff go through an extensive training to attain their lifeguard certification, CPR/AED/First Aid certification and training for all the camp activities we offer. 

We always have a high ratio of trained lifeguards on duty during all waterfront activities. Lifeguards supervise and oversee all waterfront activities and pool time to ensure that campers play safe and have the most fun possible. 


Health & MEDS...

Medication Collection & Distribution 

At Camp Hoblitzelle our qualified clinic team handles all distribution of medications to campers. Medication will be collected upon the camper’s arrival and checked-in for distribution throughout the week. Any emergency medications, such as inhalers and EpiPen’s, will remain on the camper or Counselor at all times. Regulated refrigerators are available if needed. 

Please keep all medications in their original container and place into a labeled re-closable plastic bag with instructions clearly marked on a label. Medications will be administered as prescribed by our designated Camp Health Director.


First Rate First Aid 

Camp Hoblitzelle has a licensed nurse and health assistant on duty 24 hours a day, all summer long. At camp we provide basic first aid for minor injuries and ailments. Well stocked first aid kits are located near all the major camp activity areas. They are regularly checked and accessible by all staff members. All trained staff always have basic first aid supplies on them. 


In addition, we have an on-site medical clinic, where we can treat campers with minor injuries and aliments, and we are within ten minutes of a hospital for anything that requires a little extra attention. 

Additionally, all medications are administered to campers and staff by Hoblitzelle’s health center staff. 

Bed Bugs & Lice Elimination 

We hate bed bugs and lice and are out to eliminate them! They are NOT welcome at camp and with the high volume of guests that are come and go, we take many proactive steps to prevent them from showing up. We train our staff to look for signs of bed bugs, and we inspect for bed bugs between every camp session, and all resident guests at camp undergo a lice check as part of their initial medical screening. But we can’t do it without you! To ensure these pests don’t come to our camp from your home we recommend screen your camper the week before camp.

Our Super Staff

Hoblitzelle does not take lightly our calling to find the best and safest staff. All applicants must complete an extensive application, undergo a face-to-face interview, submit at least two references, and pass a background check. Every year-round staff member gets background screened annually. 

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